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We understand what you're going through. At Van Horn Law Group, we provide effective strategies that reduce your stress and help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. With three convenient locations, our Student Loan Lawyers, Bankruptcy Attorney West Palm Beach, Bankruptcy Attorney Miami Lakes and Bankruptcy Attorney Fort Lauderdale are ready to solve your legal issues.

  • Personal Bankruptcy

    • Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 7
    • Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 11
    • Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 12
    • Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 13

    Debt relief through filing personal bankruptcy can ease your financial burden. Our award-winning Student Loan Lawyers, Bankruptcy Attorney West Palm Beach, Bankruptcy Attorney Miami Lakes and Bankruptcy Attorney Fort Lauderdale will evaluate your case and help you choose the best option for your situation.

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  • Business Bankruptcy

    • Corporate Bankruptcy Chapter 7
    • Corporate Bankruptcy Chapter 11
    • Small Business Bankruptcy Chapter 11

    Business and corporate bankruptcies are complex legal matters. It is always a wise move to enlist the services of a highly experienced Fort Lauderdale, Miami Lakes and West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney to minimize risk and financial loss through filing a bankruptcy.

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  • Student Loan Litigation & Consolidation

    • Student Loan Forgiveness
    • Negotiated Repayment Plans
    • Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment
    • Representation Against National Collegiate Trust

    Looking to significantly reduce or even completely eliminate student loan debt? There are options out there that are reasonable and affordable, that mean you will be able to pay down your debt sooner, and save more money.

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  • Debt Relief

    • Debt Counseling
    • Debt Litigation
    • Debt Negotiation
    • Debt Settlement

    Van Horn Law Group has years of experience representing the interests of individuals, families and business owners seeking to renegotiate the validity and amount of their debts. We find the best opportunities to reduce or eliminate your debt.

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Dedication. Experience. Results. No matter how complex the issue, our Student Loan Lawyer and Bankruptcy Attorney Fort Lauderdale apply their extensive legal knowledge and strategies to obtain the best possible outcome for you or your company.

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We know what you’re going through, and our track record proves we know how to get results. Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about our award-winning Student Loan Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney Miami Lakes and West Palm Beach bankruptcy attorney.

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Meet Our South Florida Lawyers and Team

The Van Horn Law Group team includes the best multilingual (English, Spanish, Creole) Student Loan Lawyers, Bankruptcy Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, , Bankruptcy Attorney Miami Lakes and Bankruptcy Attorneys in West Palm Beach to assist you with obtaining freedom from debt. Take a moment and get to know us better.

  • Chad Van Horn

    Managing Partner

    Chad Van Horn is a South Florida business leader and founding partner attorney of Van Horn Law Group, P.A. Through a combination of dedicated philanthropy, spirited entrepreneurship and legal expertise, he applies his resources and network to helping people—whether it's through his board leadership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County, his efforts developing startup ventures that bring jobs to the local economy, or practicing bankruptcy law to provide solutions to economic hardship.

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  • Stephen M. Weinstein Esq.

    Bankruptcy Attorney

    Stephen M. Weinstein, Esq. attended and graduated from Nova University from 1985-1987, where he was awarded with his J.D. Mr. Weinstein selected law not only because of his desire to help others, but it’s also a family tradition to practice law.

    Stephen M. Weinstein says, “I enjoy practicing law because I am able to help clients get a fresh start with bankruptcy, achieve loan modifications to keep their homestead, and relieving clients of theirs overwhelming debt.

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  • Susan Massinger

    Senior Bankruptcy Paralegal

    Susan has been a bankruptcy legal assistant/paralegal for 26 years. During that time, she spent 24 years with the same law firm and came to the Van Horn Law Group in June, 2016. Susan specializes in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, both corporate and personal; however, has extensive experience in Chapter 7 as well. Her background also includes corporate and securities law; Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, debt settlement, and civil litigation.

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  • Laverne Wallace

    Client Advocate

    Passionate and dedicated to providing exceptional service to clients.

  • Martha Cayo

    Office Manager / Paralegal

    When Martha started working at Van Horn Law Group she had no previous background working in Law. After a few years of seeing how Van Horn Law helps individuals struggling with debt obtain financial freedom, Martha decided to become a Paralegal. Through hard work and pushing herself to always do better, she obtained her degree and is now a Paralegal at Van Horn Law Group.

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  • Anthony “Jay” Molluso


    Anthony “Jay” Molluso, a “retired” Pennsylvania lawyer, passed the Pennsylvania bar in 1969. As Chief Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, he was in charge of delinquent tax collection for the Keystone state. After retiring from the Attorney General’s Office after 26 years, he became General Counsel to CENTAX, a private Pennsylvania corporation with 25 offices that collected local taxes for over 300 municipalities and school districts.

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  • Terri Schwartz


    Now with over 19 years of experience as a lawyer in the bankruptcy field, Terri has built up a great reputation among the bankruptcy community. One of Terri’s greatest accomplishments was a case for a client where she helped protect the client's monthly retirement funds. Not only was this great for the client, but Terri even got it turned into case law which can help others in that particular situation in the future.

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  • Milagros Scribani


    Milagros Scribani comes to use from Caracas, Venezuela. Her role as Paralegal at Van Horn Law Group includes meeting with clients, helping to develop schedules for their bankruptcy, scheduling meetings, hearings, and notifications. One of the greatest successes was a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for an individual who had acquired more than a million dollars in debt, and she was able to help him restructure his life and finances.

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The latest on bankruptcy, student loans, debt relief and more.

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