Julia, previously our law clerk while she attended law school, returns to the firm as our lead civil litigation attorney. Julia brings a wide-array of skills to our state department with her vast legal research and writing experience, oral advocacy skills, and the ability to communicate with clients in ways that make them feel like family. Let's face it – being sued comes with an enormous amount of stress, even when you are confident that you have a good case. Julia leads our clients through every stage of their cases and ensures that they understand and are comfortable with the whole process to reduce as much of the client's stress as possible. Julia's skill set combined with her tenacity while defending her clients in and out of court adds valuable elements to our state department.

Julia Osmolia
  • Practice Areas

    • Civil Litigation
    • Foreclosure Defense
    • Consumer Debt Collection
    • Student Loans
    • Social Security Overpayment
    • Claim of Exemptions & Wage Garnishment
  • Memberships

    • Florida Bar
    • Pennsylvania Bar
  • Education

    • University of Miami School of Law
    • Temple University
  • Accomplishments

    • In just her first year of practice, Julia is the lead attorney in our state litigation department.
  • Notable cases

    • Our state team retained a Florida LLC and its members who were being accused of fraudulently inducing an investor to loan the LLC approximately $50,000 and later used those funds for personal rather than business purposes. The plaintiff alleged that our clients targeted her as a newly widowed elderly woman and coerced her to make the loans to carry out an elaborate fraudulent scheme. The plaintiff sought to pierce the corporate veil and collect damages. After doing her due diligence, Julia successfully drafted and argued a Motion to Dismiss all counts against all defendants. The Judge found Julia's Motion and arguments to be extremely well-founded and comprehensive and presented compelling arguments that warranted complete dismissal.