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“Why I would recommend them: I've got a few friends that have been through similar problems as mine and even today after everything is finished they are still complaining about not getting the right deal or the right thing.” – Howard

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At Van Horn Law Group, we don’t judge you. Everyone deserves fair and affordable legal representation. You have legal questions and we have the answers you need. No matter your situation, we are ready to analyze your case and do what we can to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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  • Student Loan Debt the Dream Killer

    When student loan payments become unmanageable and debt accumulates over the years.

  • Bankruptcy is Not So Taboo

    Nearly fifty-thousand of your Florida neighbors have filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

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Life is unpredictable! Van Horn Law Group is here to help you get through your financial and legal situations.

Van Horn Law Group, P.A. is a firm like no other. We take a different approach to working with clients and to helping them reach their goals that we believe makes us capable of successfully guiding our clients through their debt relief, bankruptcy, and / or foreclosure process, regardless of how complex their case may be. Where others fail, our legal team thrives. Where others are unwilling or unable to handle the issue at hand, our attorneys are able to succeed. At Van Horn Law Group, P.A., being different than the others in our field allows us to make the difference in our clients' lives.

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Answers to commonly asked questions

  • Is bankruptcy right for me?

    Filing for bankruptcy is becoming more and more common. That does not, however, mean that bankruptcy is right for everyone. There are alternatives to bankruptcy and it is important to explore all avenues before making any final decisions. If you feel as though there is no way out of your debt crises and are eager to have a fresh start with your finances, bankruptcy may be right for you. Be sure to seek debt counseling from an attorney as you take this next step forward.

  • Will I lose my home?

    Each case is as unique as the individuals involved, and if you choose to keep your property, there are frequently very effective legal actions we can take to help you do so.

  • Will my credit be completely destroyed if I file for bankruptcy?

    Although it is true that your credit report will reflect the fact that you filed for bankruptcy, in many cases those who are filing already have serious credit problems and their credit report may actually improve after a fairly short period of time. The debt that once was overdue and reported to credit agencies is now no longer owed (for discharged debt in Chapter 7). Many don't realize that a foreclosure can be much more difficult than bankruptcy if you hope to purchase a home again in the future. A bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can help you determine if you qualify, or if another option would actually work better for you or your company.

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