Loan Modification in Florida

Struggling to pay your mortgage?
A mortgage loan modification may help you avoid foreclosure.

What is a mortgage loan modification?

A loan modification in Florida is when you change the terms of your mortgage via negotiation to make your mortgage payment into something that you can afford. Loan modifications became popular during the recession and allowed many people to stay in their homes and successfully pay them off. A loan modification in Florida is not refinancing – replacing your existing loan with a new one – but a renegotiation of the terms of your original mortgage.

How to qualify for a mortgage loan modification in Florida?

First, be prepared to prove hardship if you want a mortgage loan modification in Florida. If you’re struggling and trying to get ahead of default or delinquency and the home is your primary residence, that’s good. If you’re already delinquent or verging on default, it makes the situation more urgent. Reasons for default and delinquent standing include job loss, income reduction, disability, injury, illness, or the loss of a spouse or partner. You’re going to have to produce financial documents that show the loss of income and what you can afford now that your circumstances have changed. You may also need to prove a serious reduction in the value of your home versus the value when you originally purchased.

What are the benefits of a loan modification?

A mortgage loan modification’s primary benefit is to make your payment affordable. You’ll still have to pay, but the terms are altered to either extend the length of time to repay, or a reduction in interest, or an interest-only loan for a term with a phasing in of principal. However, a loan modification may turn up in your credit score, and you may be required to repay the amount that was deferred before you refinance or apply for a new mortgage. Some modifications are temporary, and once expired, you can end up right back at your original payment.

Can a loan modification stop a foreclosure?

Sometimes it can, but you’re going to need a loan modification attorney who has a lot of experience and know-how to make it work. You can file, even if the mortgage servicer has already filed for foreclosure, but the modification has to be approved by the bank that’s foreclosing on the home. They might approve the modification, or they may go ahead with the foreclosure without agreeing to a loan modification – in which case you could file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and possibly gain 3-5 years to pay the past due balance.

Why should I hire a loan modification attorney?

An experienced loan modification attorney is your key to obtaining a beneficial loan modification agreement. An attorney who deals with debt, bankruptcy, and foreclosure defense knows how to get a bank’s attention, and knows the right questions to ask. With an loan modification attorney in your corner, you’ll get a good contract with good terms and a payment you can afford.


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Can I avoid foreclosure?

Yes. There are many possible foreclosure alternatives you can explore. You want to consult with an attorney before you fall into default and are served a foreclosure complaint. The quicker you obtain legal help, the more likely you will be able to save your home and credit score.

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