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Van Horn Law Group, P.A. has years of experience representing the interests of individuals, families and business owners seeking to renegotiate the validity and amount of their debts. We have extensive knowledge and experience with both federal and state collection laws, and can identify shady business practices that may provide the best opportunities for debt relief.

  • Debt Counseling

    Debt counseling provides you with guidance and will advise you the best options or alternatives for helping you through your financial difficulties.

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  • Debt Litigation

    Debt Litigation is when a creditor chooses to bring legal action into a debt dispute. It can be very intimidating and requires the use of a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer.

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  • Debt Negotiation

    Debt negotiation is the process by which a debtor and the creditor come together to find an amicable solution that decreases the amount owed and resolves the debt.

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  • Debt Settlement

    Debt settlement is an alternative to bankruptcy where the debtor can engage in negotiations with creditors in order to pay off all debt at significantly less than what was originally owed.

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  • Credit Card Debt Solutions

    Credit card debt solutions are not out of reach for anyone. It takes some hard work, some tricky budgeting, and sometimes some legal help.

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The legal team at Van Horn Law Group, P.A. wants what is best for you. We are ready to evaluate your situation and determine your best option to get your debt under control.

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Is bankruptcy right for me?

Filing for bankruptcy is becoming more and more common. That does not, however, mean that bankruptcy is right for everyone. There are alternatives to bankruptcy and it is important to explore all avenues before making any final decisions. If you feel as though there is no way out of your debt crises and are eager to have a fresh start with your finances, bankruptcy may be right for you. Be sure to seek debt counseling from an attorney as you take this next step forward.

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At Van Horn Law Group, our highly dedicated team of professionals offer you excellent legal care at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in putting you first in everything that we do. When you need someone to fight for your legal rights, the team at Van Horn Law Group is here for you.

Our main headquarters is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, but we help clients throughout the State of Florida. We represent clients in personal bankruptcy, corporate bankruptcy, student loan litigation and consolidation, estate planning, LGBTQ estate planning, foreclosure defense, corporate representation, health care law, civil litigation and debt relief.

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Discover your options with our award winning South Florida lawyer, completely free of charge.


Discover your options with our award winning South Florida attorney, completely free of charge. At Van Horn Law Group, P.A., our experienced South Florida lawyer and Ft. Lauderdale bankruptcy lawyer is ready to review your case to see what options are available to you. With years of experience helping people just like you with their financial decisions, you can be confident that we will not lead you astray. The first step towards making an informed decision is filling out the Free Case Evaluation form on this page.

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