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bankruptcy in florida

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Here's What You'll Learn from This Amazing Book:

  • What bankruptcy can do for you
  • What bankruptcy CANNOT do
  • Understanding the different types of bankruptcy
  • History of bankruptcy filers in the USA
  • Answers to the most commonly asked questions
  • Checklist of required documents needed to file bankruptcy
  • Step-by-step guide through the bankruptcy process
  • Preparation for the 341 meeting of creditors


Chad Van Horn, Esq., wrote “Bankruptcy in Florida” as a roadmap to bankruptcy outlining the options available to those deep in debt. If you are serious about finding out more about debt solutions or bankruptcy in Florida, don’t miss out on this AMAZING opportunity. Get your 100% FREE copy of “Everything You Need To Know About Bankruptcy in Florida.”

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bankruptcy in florida

“I believe the overall improvement of our community starts with giving our citizens - people who make up the foundation of our community - equal access to the legal system. This serves as a stepping stone for their future accomplishment, opens doors to success, and strengthens the fabric of our society.”

~ Chad Van Horn, Esq.

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