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"Best Strategy to Pay off Credit Cards"

Are you struggling to get ahead of debt?

When you start running four and five figure balances on every piece of plastic you own and that check’s going mostly on servicing that debt, it's time to start looking for a better solution.

Get your free copy of the "Best Strategy to Pay off Credit Cards," and start taking control of your finances.

You should download this free report if you are:

  • Looking to pay off multiple credit cards
  • Can't afford to make minimum payments
  • Have high interest credit card rates
  • Considering a loan to pay off credit cards

There are several different strategies to paying down your credit card debt, and you will find the best strategy to pay off credit cards in this free report.

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strategies to pay off credit card

"How to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment"

Can student loan wage garnishment be stopped?

student loan wage garnishment

There are ways for you to stop wage garnishment before and even after it starts. In this free report, we explain ways that you can protect yourself financially and what are your options to stop student loan wage garnishment.

Get your free copy of the "How to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment" and get back on track with student loan payments.

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"Is Bankruptcy Right for Me - 8 Points to Consider"

Nobody starts to consider bankruptcy before they are desperate.

Very often people go without filing for bankruptcy, simply because they believe that they don’t have enough money for the legal assistance that a successful bankruptcy requires.

If you are in debt enough that you are starting to think about bankruptcy there are eight points that you need to consider in making your decision.

Get your free copy "Is Bankruptcy Right for Me - 8 Points to Consider" to learn more about bankruptcy as option.

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Not Just Another South Florida Law Firm

Why Clients Choose Van Horn Law Group

Van Horn Law Group is very passionate about helping our clients reorganize their debt and achieve a fresh financial start. Our client services do not stop once the legal process is complete. We are available to advise our clients on how to rebuild their credit, buy a new house or start a new business. We are a law firm that provides personal service, experienced representation and continued support.

Our firm strives to serve our clients by:

  • Focusing on their problems by listening to their concerns.
  • Giving personal attention to their legal needs.
  • Realizing that our clients have limited funds and providing maximum value for what they can afford. Understanding that without our clients we have no business.
  • Keeping current on the law through study and seminars.

What Clients Say About Our South Florida Lawyer

South Florida Lawyer

Need more reasons to choose the Van Horn Law Group?

“I can’t say enough great things about Van Horn Law Group, when they say they are there to help you they mean it. They are the most genuine, knowledgeable, reassuring law firm I have ever come across. I will recommend Chad Van Horn and his associates to everyone.”

“Attorney Van Horn was amazing!!! Our case was very intense and with lots of legal issues every step of the way. Mr. Van Horn was kind & patient with us and a powerful force in the court for us, he & his team went beyond what we expected to defend and protect us.”

About Our Zero Down Bankruptcy Option

While many people opt to pay for fees at once or on a retainer basis, some prefer to utilize our $0 Down payment option. Here's how it works: After you sign an engagement for services agreement with our firm, generally speaking, the court filing fees and costs will be paid up front. These can be waived in certain circumstances. You do not pay anything initially for our bankruptcy legal fees. We work out a payment plan with you, where you are aware of the fees in advance for our services. You'll pay on a monthly basis over 12 months until our fee is paid. Some clients find this helps to allow them to meet all their obligations while the bankruptcy process proceeds. If you have further questions about our services or this option, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Client Fee Payment Policy